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Non-Fiction Book Editing

10+ years of professional editing experience

Congratulations on writing your book and getting to this stage in the proverbial game!
It's a big step, and now you need a professional editor
to take your words to the next level.


I would be thrilled to begin working on polishing and perfecting your manuscript.
I pride myself on (and enjoy!) delivering error-free, smooth content—
ALWAYS before deadline.

Your words.

My editorial finesse.

an industry leader
since 2010

For well over a decade, I've been editing non-fiction manuscripts in a wide variety of subject areas. And while I primarily work as an editor, I'm also a strong content writer—I can tweak, adjust, and improve sentence and paragraph structure while still retaining your original voice. This is your book—
I'm just here to make it flawless (and I will).

Refer to my LinkedIn profile at the bottom of the page for a detailed rundown of who I am, where I've been, and how I can put my years of professional experience to work for you.

non-fiction editing
in all genres

I have extensive experience with editing and proofreading all kinds of content—
memoirs, travelogues, self-help guides, cultural studies, and non-fiction books in all sorts of other literary categories. I'll take your already brilliant work and ensure that it shines more
than you thought possible.

What kind of manuscripts do I enjoy working on the most? To put it very simply—absolutely anything that the author has poured their heart and soul into. (And I can always tell.)

services offered:

content editing

Paragraph by paragraph and chapter by chapter. Get the picture? I mean the big picture. This is a meticulous and careful edit of your content as a whole with an eye on the completeness, construction of ideas, tone, and overall flow. I'll have your target audience in mind throughout, and I'll ensure that your message—and the language used to convey that message—is uniform from start to finish while keeping your original, beautiful voice intact. I won't reinvent your wheel, but I'll absolutely enhance it—immeasurably.

line editing

This is a ground-level, in-depth technical edit of your words—line by line. It's the detecting, dissecting, and correcting of run-on sentences, sentence fragments, clichés, and things that could simply sound better. Muddled meanings are clarified, needless jargon is eliminated, and each sentence sounds right in the reader’s mind. Transitions and segues? Smooth sailing. Word choice? Top choice. Each sentence has impact? Maximum impact.

Copy editing

No matter how confident you are with your grasp of grammar and punctuation, your writing still has errors. (Trust me.) I'll conduct a no-stone-unturned edit and capture all those pesky spelling, grammar, and punctuation mishaps—the ones that native English speakers don't even know they're making. I'm your fresh and professional set of eyes that'll ensure your writing is 100% error-free. Rookie mistakes?
Not in your manuscript.
Not when I'm in your court.

Your Editor

Rob Peace

I strengthen your writing so that your book's message is clean, clear, and compelling.I'm a native English speaker, fluent writing and editing in all styles of the language—American, Canadian, British, and Australian. I'm university and college educated with a Bachelor of Arts in English from McMaster University and an Advanced Three-Year Diploma in Print Journalism from Mohawk College of Applied Arts & Technology.

I've been an industry professional since 2010, editing and writing for various national and international clients. I have a meticulous eye for detail and a concentrated focus on reader experience. My approach to projects is fast (but thorough), flexible, and friendly!

nervous about choosing the right editor?

I get that.

I fully understand and appreciate that there's a great amount of trust involved when selecting someone to handle your book's message with care—someone who will treat your words with respect and accuracy while keeping you informed of how the process is coming along. There's nothing worse than surrendering your book baby to someone and having them disappear with no contact until they finally submit it to you. "Where's my freelancer? Is he still working on my project? The deadline is coming up. Panic!"

This simply doesn't happen
when you choose to work with me.

I absolutely pride myself on an excellent "deskside" manner with each and every client, and I stay in touch throughout my process to let you know how things are going and that we're still on track for deadline. Of course, if you prefer little to no communication and just want the project done, that's fine, too! I'll never badger my clients, but it's important they know they're in good hands. Also, I always remain available after submission to address any outstanding issues or questions that may arise.

In other words:
I'm not happy until you are.

In addition to exceptional editorial skills,
stellar communication with my clients is the cornerstone of what I do.


Client Reviews

"Working with Rob was a stellar experience from start to finish. The communication was great, which I really appreciated and is something you don't always get from freelancers. The quality of his work was also excellent and completed right on time.
Highly recommend."

—Linda Nazareth (Canada), Globe & Mail & CBC Metro Morning Columnist,
Host of the Work and The Future podcast
Author of Working It Out: Getting Ready for the Redefined World of Work

"I'll put it simply: Rob edited my book, and today I signed a publishing contract with esteemed book publisher Wiley. Thanks Rob—without you, I wouldn’t have come so far.
Your work and passion have just been amazing!"

—Patrick Flesner (Germany), TEDx Speaker, Investor,
Leadership & Growth Advisor
Author of The Leadership House & FastScaling

"Rob is—without a doubt—the most communicative, pleasant, and skilled editor I've ever worked with. His attention to detail is second to none, his willingness to effectively address re-edits when needed is a godsend, and I can always count on him to deliver cracking editing and proofreading for anything the project needs. I’d bring him in-house and move him over to the UK if I could! Don’t hesitate to hire Rob. He’s a fantastic, expert editor and an absolute gem to have on your project."

—Jo Levy (Scotland), Creative & Content Strategist
Content Lead at One Year No Beer

"Rob did such an amazing job on my 75,000-word book, and I’m extremely happy. He really dug deep and examined the manuscript line by line and improved the flow, structure, and overall tone, as well as cleaned up every single grammatical error. He improved it 100% while still retaining my original vision for the book. I'd absolutely love to work with him again! He was also friendly and communicative throughout, and he delivered before the deadline. Working with him was a great experience. If you’re looking for a fantastic editor, Rob is your guy."

—Afzal Huda (Hong Kong), Educator, 2023 Webby Award Honoree, featured in Forbes' Top 30 Under 30
Author of Brown Boy Barely Blossoms

"Rob is a rare gem of an editor and a kindhearted human being as well. His suggestions and insights about my work were always spot on and delivered in a considerate manner. He seemed to easily tune into my writer voice and help me become a better me in print. I'm incredibly grateful to him and will absolutely hire him for all of my writing projects going forward.
He's fantastic. And incredibly fast!
My project was delivered earlier than promised."

—KC Shomler (USA), Writer, Columnist
Author of Falling Out Of Love With My Career

"Rob went above and beyond. He was great with grammar and line editing, but also amazing at tuning up the content, switching out bad phrasing, adding in rewrites wherever needed, and making sure there was a consistent tone throughout the whole book. He has more attention to detail than any editor I've worked with, and I’ll be working with him long term on all my writing projects going forward.
Highly recommend."

—David Perrotta (USA), Copywriter, Email Marketing Specialist,
Influencer, Dating Coach, YouTuber
Author of The Lifestyle Blueprint, Conversation Casanova,
and The Hook Up Handbook

"Rob delivered, as promised, a thoroughly edited manuscript. This was my first time using his services, and I chose the right person. He paid attention to details and went beyond expectations. He improved the flow, structure, and overall tone, cleaned up my errors, and enhanced the content while retaining the interpretation of original ideas. His overall approach was respectful and original. His integrity, professionalism, and friendliness were highly appreciated.
This was a fantastic experience and
I would use him in the future."

—Juliette Storr (USA), Professor of Communications at
Penn State University
Author of So, You Think You Is Woman, Hey?—Culture, Media, and Gender Equality in the Bahamas

"I've been collaborating with Rob for several years now, as English is not my native language and I strive to create sales and marketing content that's polished and cohesive. Rob is an absolute professional. Our communication is always seamless, and he consistently delivers on time—often even before deadline. What sets Rob apart is his willingness to explain the reasoning behind his corrections, allowing me to learn from them. However, if I simply require a flawless final version without delving into the details, he provides that as well. I wholeheartedly recommend Rob to anyone seeking to ensure their content and words are impeccable.“

—Eliška Boušková (Czech Republic), Multilingual Language Coach, Entrepreneur, YouTuber
Founder and CEO of Because Czech Is Cool!

"Finding Rob was the best part of my writing process. Working on my non-fiction book, he not only helped me finesse my words and polish the manuscript, but he also made me feel so validated as a writer. He brought a unique skill of being able to inject wit and candour where it was needed while still retaining my original voice. He also provided invaluable input on cover design, formatting ideas, fact checking, and even my TEDx speech. He'll be the first person I contact for any future works, and I look forward to working with him again!"

—Cat White (Australia), Writer, TEDx Speaker
Bestselling Author of The Imperfect Vegan

The final product?

This is What You'll Receive:

tracked edit

One document edited using MS Word Track Changes (with all edits, markups, and edits visible, including comments and suggestions in the margins throughout).

Clean edit

One document with all changes accepted and comments removed for cleaner reading. This is now your master copy—cohesive, clear, convincing, and 100% error-free.

timely delivery

I'll always deliver on or before our established deadline,
keeping you well informed of the process throughout.

what do I charge?

We'll establish a flat fee upfront based on your word count, the shape of the manuscript, and the overall complexity of the project.

I don't believe in hourly rates for my services.
Who needs ambiguity?

Fixed rates are easier to work with.
They're more fair.
And there are no surprises for anyone at the end.

Details, details...

You’ll get in touch and we’ll chat about your project a bit.
Prefer a Zoom call instead of back-and-forth emails? No problem!
We’ll make sure that we’re on the same proverbial page and that we share the same vision for your book.
Our working relationship isn’t simply transactional—I want to make sure that I’m the right editor for you.
There’s a sea of editorial geniuses out there. Am I yours?
We’ll find out together in our initial consultation—
and after I perform a free sample edit of your manuscript (1,000 words maximum).
Like what you see?

Better yet, love what you see?
If so, we’re off and running!


After you decide to work with me, we’ll establish a flat rate that’s fair for us both. I’ll send over a contract
(you know, the legal stuff), at which point I’ll require a non-refundable deposit of 10% of our fixed rate.
At the commencement of the project (starting date TBD through our initial correspondence),
60% of the fixed rate will be required, with the remaining 30% to be paid upon submission of
your perfectly polished, flawlessly edited, professional manuscript.

In addition, I always remain available after submission for
absolutely any questions or concerns you may have.

Payment options?

I accept payments through PayPal, Wise, or Interac e-transfer.

All prices quoted will be in USD.

first STEP?


Send me an email and tell me about your book and what you require.

I'll provide you with a
complimentary sample edit
(1,000 words maximum)
of your manuscript so you can ensure that
I'm the right fit for the job.

shall we begin?

Or use the form below

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